Adding to the book list

• ❑ Elvis Cole Books -Robert Cray
• ❑ Big Country's Steeltown music
• ❑ Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America -Mark Ehrman
• ❑ The Echo Maker, AI (Galatea 2.2), The Gold Bug Variations and Plowing the Dark -Richard Powers
• ❑ The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture, and Coolness -Steven Levy
• ❑ Fine Art Printing for Photographers: Exhibition Quality Prints with Inkjet Printers -Uwe Steinmueller and Juergen Gulbins
• ❑ GIMP 2 for Photographers
Image Editing with Open Source Software -KLAUS GOELKER
• ❑ No Sheep for You: Knit Happy with Cotton, Silk, Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, and Other Delights -Amy R. Singer
• ❑ Glass Houses -Laura J Mixon (a cyberpunk classic)
• ❑ The Drowned World -J.G. Ballard
• ❑ Heavy Weather -Bruce Sterling
• ❑ Science in the Capital -Kim Stanley Robinson (trilogy)
• ❑ Hotter Than Hell -Mark Tushingham
• ❑ Timescape -Gregory Benford
• ❑ The Trouble With Physics -Lee Smolin
• ❑ 101 Killer Apps for Your Palm Handheld. -Rick Broida
• ❑ Remembering the Kanji I: A Complete Course on How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Japanese Characters Vol. 1 4th Edition -James W. Heisig


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